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Frequently Asked Questions

What is so unique about the AADAR products? 

At AADAR, we make sure that the products follow to the principles of Ayurveda. The unique concotion of herbs we prepare for various lifestyle functions ensures the maximum potency, and thus good efficacy. Moreover, we maintain a good safety profile of products by putting them under heavy metals and pesticides testing and by using best quality of raw herbs and natural ingredients.


What is the shelf of AADAR products?

The shelf life of our products various from 18 to 36 months depending on their product form and the making process. Nevertheless, each pack is ideally deisgned to last not more than one month, and thus it gives you ample amount of time to consume it and get the best results out of it. 


Do I have to follow the exact amount of dosage that the product label suggests?

We have devised the products and concentration of respective ingredients keeping in mind their ideal dosage for daily use. While less dose may not result in the desired therapeutic effect, more dose may sometimes show unwanted effects. Thus it is best to adhere to the instructions or consult your physician in specific cases.